Dark Shadows - Season 2 123Movies

Dark Shadows - Season 2
  • Genre: N/A
  • Country: USA
  • Release: 1966
Dark Shadows - Season 2 : After Matthew's screams of terror, Burke and Roger break into the old house rescuing Victoria. They find Matthew dead from fright. Elizabeth, calls the Sheriff. Victoria comes home and states that the ghost of Josette Collins saved her. Roger thinks she is traumatized and imagined the ghost. Roger takes Sheriff Patterson to the Old House. Elizabeth orders Burke not to hurt Carolyn or Victoria, whom she suspects he is attracted to. Burke visits Victoria in her room and she thanks him. Burke tells her to flee Collinwood; she believes she's safe now that Matthew's dead. Roger comes home and tells the news that there will probably be no inquest. Matthew died of a heart attack most likely brought about by a big fright. Victoria feels Josette watched over her the whole time and she believes she resembles Josette. She thinks Josette is one of her ancestors. Meanwhile, Josette's ghost appears outside the Old House and dances around the columns.